About Us

We enjoy creating hand sculptures that bring people and family together.

These beautiful life Castings are the work of the skilled artisans at lifeCast studio but these pieces are more than just artwork, they are treasured keepsakes and little time portals that capture the essence of a moment and allow loved on to revisit it. In fact, LifeCasting is a company built on memories. Apart from doing hands and feet sculptures, we can also hand sculpt an original model from a drawing or photograph or as per your specifications. If you have an idea / design concept and want to translate it into 3 dimensional form, we can sculpt the same for you.

We Create Beautiful Hand and Foot 3D life-sized Impressions. Now you will never forget just how little your precious child was. Wouldn't you love to be able to capture those tiny little hands and feet before they get too big? Photos and Videos can't capture.